Young people in the Choices & Consequences Knife Crime prevention exhibition

The Ben Kinsella Trust is a charity that tackles knife crime through education and campaigning

Enough is enough. Let's Stop Knife Crime

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Knife crime programmes

Our award winning knife crime prevention workshops teach young people about the dangers of knife crime and empower them to make positive choices to stay safe.

Knife crime resources

We know we can't tackle knife crime alone, so we empower educators with tools, resources and training to ensure knife crime prevention can reach every child.

Knife crime campaigns

Knife crime is our country's most pressing and serious problem. We campaign to raise awareness of the issues, and put knife crime on the agenda of policy makers.

Knife crime statistics


young people have been murdered with a knife or sharp object in the last 15 years

*young people under 24 in England and Wales, to the year ending March 23.


Police-recorded offences involving a knife or sharp instrument

*in the 12 months to September 2023


children aged just 17 or younger were murdered with a knife or sharp object in 2022

*in England and Wales, year ending March 23.

Our award winning exhibition and knife crime programmes

Our anti-knife crime workshops are delivered from our Choices and Consequences exhibitions in London and Nottingham.

We educate young people in the dangers of knife crime and help them to make positive choices to stay safe. Our knife crime prevention workshops at our award-winning exhibitions follow the journey of both the victim and the offender through a series of unique and immersive experiences. We show young people how the choices they make, and the consequences of those choices, are intrinsically linked.


Knife crime is an increasing problem, an incredibly devastating ordeal that could simply be stopped by one choice - to not pick up the knife.
Student at Azhar Academy Girls School
This was the most informative course I have been on, jam packed with information and awareness that would not be found anywhere, this course really gave me a real life insight and the priceless information that could help keep my own and other children safe.
Attendee at the Knife Crime Awareness workshop
I have learnt about the life and death of Ben Kinsella, that carrying a knife is not protection, it puts you in even more danger than you think
Student at Eastbrook school

No family or community should suffer the loss of a life to knife crime. Help us

Ben's Story

Ben Kinsella was just 16 years old when he was stabbed to death in a horrific act of senseless violence on the 29th June 2008 in Islington, London

Learn About Ben’s Story

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