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Brooke Kinsella MBE calls on supporters to hop to it and join the 2.6 Challenge from Sunday 26 April 2020 to raise funds for The Ben Kinsella Trust.

We are excited to announce that Brooke Kinsella and Louisa Lytton have launched the #HopItTopIt campaign!

We are taking part in the national 2.6 challenge campaign and have set up a fun challenge for the public to take part in to raise money for the Ben Kinsella Trust.

Brooke Kinsella, our founder and chair explains

“It is called the Hop it,Top it challenge. It is about having some fun with your family or housemates and helping to raise money to keep the important work of the Ben Kinsella Trust going,” Brooke goes on to say. “It is really simple to do, just see how many hops you can do in 26 seconds, whilst tied to a someone from your own household. Video your attempt and post it online and challenge a friend to beat it. When you take part, you get the chance to donate as little as £2.60 to us so that we can keep going”

“The hop it, top it campaign has been launched by our patron TV star Louisa Lytton, with other celebrities ready to take up the challenge to raise funds for Ben’s Trust. I hope that members of the public will follow Louisa’s example and hop to it!”

You can join the Hop it, Top it challenge by visiting the The Ben Kinsella Trust FacebookInstagram or Twitter pages, and please donate at JustGiving.

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