Brooke Kinsella relaunches knife crime exhibition

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Brooke Kinsella MBE will re-launch the anti-knife crime exhibition set up in her brother’s name at Finsbury Library in Islington on Wednesday 1st of March.

Our exhibition is visited by thousands of young people every year. It has recently been redecorated and includes new content which reflects some of the experiences facing young people today, such as social media bullying and peer pressure.

Since it first opened in Islington in 2012, the Ben Kinsella Trust’s exhibition has had over 25,000 visitors. The exhibition has been created using a series of interconnecting rooms which provides young people with a unique insight into how knife crime ruins lives, and how they can take positive steps to stay safe.

Visits to the exhibition are free to Islington Schools and Youth organisations located in the borough and can be booked from our website

Brooke Kinsella MBE said
“This year it will be 15 years since we lost my brother Ben to knife crime. During that time little has changed. The pain and heartbreak of losing my little brother has not diminished for me or my family and sadly knife crime remains one of this country’s biggest concerns. But I am proud of the work done by The Ben Kinsella Trust to educate young people away from knife crime in Islington. To date over 25,000 young people have visited our exhibition with most of those pledging never to carry a knife when they leave.

The drivers of knife crime are constantly evolving, and it is important that our exhibition continues to change to reflect this. That is why we have added new content to help young people better understand the influence that social media and peer pressure can have on their lives and how this can negatively influence their decision making.”

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