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The Ben Kinsella Trust and the National Justice Museum in Nottingham have jointly produced free knife crime lesson plans for primary schools

The two charities have shared their expertise to produce four new primary school lesson plans on topics surrounding knife crime. The lessons, for school years 5 and 6 (Key Stage 2), focus on video content from real people with real lived experience of knife crime.

The four lessons are
• Keeping Safe
• Consequences of knife crime
• Laws on knife carrying
• Communicating the problem

Patrick Green, CEO said :
"Our research shows that by the time that young people arrive in year 8 they are 4 times more likely to think that a knife will protect them, compared with year 6. That is why starting to educate young people about the dangers of knife crime at key stage 2 is so important.

"These lesson plans, which include new video content and all related worksheets, give teachers the tools to address an extremely difficult subject. As with all of our resources, they are available for free.

"We find ourselves in the peak of a pandemic and these are especially challenging times for schools and educators. But we cannot let our preventative work stop and I hope that our resources will give teachers confidence to talk to young people about the dangers of knives."

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