A collage of photographs and memorabilia of Ben Kinsella.

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It's been 15 years without meaningful change. Despite the actions and hard work of the Kinsella family and numerous others, knife crime still remains at record levels.

Ben Kinsella lost his life to knife crime on 29th June 2008. That year, 77 young people under 24 lost their life to a knife attack. 15 years later, 99 young people lost their life to a knife attack. 13 were under 16.

We are calling for action. We are calling for change. Join us.

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Help us to #StopKnifeCrime with much needed funds to tackle knife crime with early intervention and prevention.

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Knife crime is out of control. Raise awareness; tell the people who need to know.

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We loved Ben so very much - he was precious to us

He is never far from our thoughts, in the wonderful artwork and writing that he left us, a piece of music, a glimpse at photos, seeing his friends. The memories are all there. We often talk about what he would be doing now, should be doing now and sometimes, when its quiet, the feelings of missing him overwhelms us like a tidal wave. We have learnt to cope with losing him. It’s part of grieving and the healing process. But it never really leaves you. We will miss him forever.

No family or community should suffer the loss of a life to knife crime. Help us to tackle knife crime by raising or donating funds in this 15th anniversary year.

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Societal change is dependent upon the actions of people! Raising awareness of knife crime is vital for education, vital for funding, vital for putting it on the agenda of policy makers and vital for ultimately creating change.

Share our posts, use the hashtag #itsbeen15 and spread awareness.

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