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Stabbing someone with a knife doesn't destroy just one life, it destroys everyone's

Our knife crime stories demonstrate the true devastation that choosing to carry a knife can cause

Ben Kinsella's story is important, and it is a story we have told to over 20,000 young people since the year he was murdered - 2008. Ben's story continues to educate young people away from knife crime and empowers them to understand how their choices will keep them and their friends safe.

We recognise the importance though of telling other stories and showing how other young people continue to lose their lives to knife crime in the same way that Ben did.

These young people didn’t know each other and had little in common with one another. But the one thing which sadly draws them together is that they were stabbed with a knife that someone chose to carry

Knife Crime Stories

Read the true stories of young people who lost their lives to knife crime

"Abdul Aziz's loss has been devastating, no family can fully recover from a tragedy such as this."

"Don't think for a second that there was only 1 victim in this story - there never is. Hundreds of hearts were stabbed the day our son was stabbed; hundreds bled the day our son bled. Sometimes through death, others are brought to life; Abdul Aziz's cold blooded killing has united an entire community against cowards who carry knives."
Abdul Aziz's family

These stories are shared with permission from the families of the victims. If you would like to include a story about a knife crime victim who you knew, please contact us.

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