Drawing of a Abdul Aziz family used as a header on his knife crime story page.


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Abdul Aziz Ansari

Abdul Aziz Ansari was a young man – 18 years old – who lived in Slough, Berkshire.

Exceptionally intelligent and gifted from a very young age, Abdul Aziz was an all-rounder who excelled in both academia and sports. From as young as nine, he actively participated in international aid relief campaigns, rubbed shoulders with political and community leaders via interfaith, distributed food to Slough's homeless population and lobbied for anti-knife bins to be put across Slough.

Abdul Aziz continued to develop in his secondary years while studying at leading schools in the county, but on occasion struggled to reconcile his lofty ideals and aspirations with every day challenges faced by young people growing up in Slough. During the final year of his life, Abdul Aziz started to discover his own identity and was transitioning into a mature young leader in the town, inspiring his peers and other youngsters to focus on becoming the best version of themselves.

Abdul Aziz was a dedicated son, brother, grandson and nephew, a loyal and selfless friend. This was a young man who loved the most vulnerable people within society, known for standing up for those he perceived as being targeted and not able to defend themselves.

On the afternoon of Thursday May 5th 2022, Abdul Aziz went out to perform errands for his parents, and then met up with a friend he had lost contact with. As usual, he expected to return home for dinner later that evening. On his way home, Abdul Aziz was stabbed in what police described as a ‘targeted attack’ on Trelawney Avenue, Slough. He died in hospital on 6th May 2022. Disturbingly, videos of the attack were shared widely on social media.

A 15-year-old was charged and a jury found him guilty of murder. He is awaiting his sentence. A family continues to mourn Abdul Aziz.

"Abdul Aziz's loss has been devastating, no family can fully recover from a tragedy such as this. Don't think for a second that there was only 1 victim in this story - there never is. Hundreds of hearts were stabbed the day our son was stabbed; hundreds bled the day our son bled. Sometimes through death, others are brought to life; Abdul Aziz's cold blooded killing has united an entire community against cowards who carry knives."
Abdul Aziz's family

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