Champion Ganda and his girlfriend smiling for the camera.


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Champion Ganda

Champion Ganda was a young man – 17 years old – who grew up in Custom House in Newham. He went to secondary school in Kingsford Comprehensive School in Beckton.

Champion was a talented young man. He loved football and played from a young age, was scouted by Arsenal FC and at the age of just 8 years old he became an Arsenal trainee. As Champion entered his late teens, he fell out of love with football and his passion for football began to be replaced by a passion for music. His sister Jennifer talks about why - “He felt like, you know, he couldn’t really relate to people in the football team…he started to be doing all their music stuff with Shaq [his friend]”

His Mum Peguy describes how Champion would bring his friends to his house when she was out to make music and dance in his bedroom. She never knew he was doing so and only realised how talented he was after he had died. Champion rapped under the name ‘Chrome’.

On May 9th 2013, Champion and his friend Shaq were walking through Forest Gate in Newham when they were chased by 3 boys in a gang. A fight broke out and Champion was stabbed 11 times. His friend Shaq was stabbed twice. One of the boys who stabbed Champion – who was also just 17 years old - was sentenced to 14 years in prison for manslaughter and wounding with intent. The other two boys were acquitted.

Champion’s death absolutely devastated his family and loved ones and as a result his mother, Peguy, has made it her mission to help and support families who have gone through similar experiences in honour of her son.

In court, Champion’s sister Jennifer gave her impact statement. She said her five-year-old son Mekel still asks after his uncle and she dreads the day she will have to explain why he is not there. “I know that one day I will have to explain to him the harsh reality that a cruel, heartless, selfish, inconsiderate human hated Uncle Champion so much that he took his life”.

Champion’s girlfriend Danielle added “Champion truly is one in a million and I hope that when this is over and justice is served everyone remembers his name because he is Champion and he is still important, he is not the victim or the deceased… he is Champion and will forever be Champion".

"He loves me a lot. I can still feel his love here today"
Champion's Mum, Peguy

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