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Covid-19 is an indiscriminate killer. But there is another epidemic in our midst.

The virus and the restrictions put in place to contain it have affected all of us. It has left a tragic legacy with - to date - 60,000 deaths, 1.8m infections and several of those who survived this terrible virus left with long term health conditions.

But there is another epidemic in our midst. Like COVID-19 it is an indiscriminate killer. Knife Crime.

In fact, knife crime is a bigger killer of under-25s than COVID-19. The most recent statistics from the Office for National Statistics show that in the 12 months up to March last year, 84 under-25s died from being stabbed with a knife. COVID-19 has been registered in the deaths of 50 under-25s so far in England and Wales.

Whether you are in tiered restrictions or National Lockdown, knife crime has continued to blight our society, robbing us of too many young, talented, and precious lives. Indeed, hospital statistics do show that throughout the first lockdown, admissions from knife attacks were lower than they had been previously. But lockdown was not a solution; it was merely a pause button. Early data from the NHS shows a reduction in admissions from knife attacks in April and May 2020, but as restrictions were eased in June, admissions from knife attacks rose again, and by July 2020 had risen to exceed pre-covid levels.

Knife crime is as bad now as it has ever been. The murder of 15 year old, Kayjon Lublin in East London last Friday serves as a stark and sobering reminder that this epidemic continues to spread freely.

At 12:45 today on BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat, The Ben Kinsella Trust are featured as they explore knife crime, gangs and our search for a ‘vaccine’ to #StopKnifeCrime

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