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Parents & Carers Knife Crime Training

Tackling knife crime together

Parenting children and young adults is hard, sometimes it can be scary and overwhelming with news stories and social media influencing how safe we feel our children are and the risks they may face in today’s climate.

Join our knife crime awareness workshops in person or virtually to learn more about topics such as the influence of social media, the signs and stages of exploitation, and how we can prevent young people being affected by knife crime as parents, carers and as a community.

The workshops are hosted by The Ben Kinsella Trust.

Helping Our Children Stay Safe Training

2 hours - This workshop covers the following topics:

  • Recognising the current landscape for young people; fear, exploitation, violence and

  • Discuss the stages of exploitation, including the signs and stages

  • Explore the risks of social media, ‘Drill Music’ and ‘Gang related music’

  • Develop an understanding around language and slang

  • Consider the trauma involved and gang life

  • Discuss why exploited children and young people may resist help and support

  • Understanding how ‘issues’ with peers can escalate and how we can help young
    people manage them

  • Having meaningful conversations about difficult topics

  • Preventing exploitation as parents and as a community

  • Further support and resources

Knife Crime Awareness Training

1 hour - This workshop covers the following topics:

  • Fear as a driver of knife crime

  • The cycle of trauma and knife crime

  • The impact of knife crime on individuals, families and communities

  • Understanding trauma and stress responses and how they affect communication and

  • Positive approaches to supporting young people

  • Reducing fear and building resilience

  • Communicating effectively with young people

  • Resources and further support

Ben Kinsella Trust Training


This was the most informative course I have been on, jam packed with information and awareness that would not be found anywhere, this course really gave me a real life insight and the priceless information that could help keep my own and other children safe.
Attendee at the Knife Crime Awareness workshop
Honestly incredible and hats off to both team members who presented at the workshop - they truly did a fantastic job considering it is such a tough topic to discuss. I couldn't praise them enough!!
Attendee at the Knife Crime Awareness workshop
It was an amazing experience and really impactful and informative.
Attendee at the Knife Crime Awareness workshop

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