Shout out to your son this mother's day

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Mother's day 2023

Shout out to your son this mother's day. Talk to him about knife crime.

Every month, around 300 people are admitted to hospital with knife related injuries. Many of them don't make it home.

This Mother's Day, we're asking mothers across the UK to shout out to your son. Talk to your son about the dangers of knife crime, open the conversation about knife carrying and how knives don't offer protection. Talk to him about the devastation that knife crime causes: tell him you don't want him to be in that ambulance.

Our free guide for parents and carers helps to offer understanding around knife harm and guides you through reaching out to your child on the topic of knife crime.

"Every time I hear a siren, all I can think about is what did Ben go through that night? What was happening in that ambulance? It just sends shivers down my spine."

Brooke Kinsella, MBE

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An AI-based campaign on Mother’s Day

We partnered with M&C Saatchi London and Clear Channel UK to launch an AI-based campaign on Mother’s Day to raise awareness about the devastating effects of knife crime. The campaign features hard-hitting posters triggered by a machine learning system that recognises the sound of ambulance sirens nearby, en route to major trauma hospitals.

Text message exchanges between mothers and their sons are used in the posters to encourage young men to put down their knives and stay safe. The AI-driven installation has been set up at a site in Tower Hamlets, London, and is activated every time an ambulance drives past, displaying emotional messages from mothers to their sons. The campaign also includes standard digital screens and social media activity.

Brooke Kinsella - "It’s been 15 years since we lost Ben and the pain of his loss has never gone away. Nobody should ever have to receive a phone call telling them that their loved one has been involved in a knife-related incident.

Our campaign highlights the unique bond that exists between young men and their mum."

The Ben Kinsella Trust is committed to tackling knife crime and preventing young people and their families being affected by this heinous crime.

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