A photo of Ben's drawings and collages of Ben in 'Ben's Room' located in our anti knife crime exhibition.


The Ben Kinsella Trust tackles knife crime through education and campaigning

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The Ben Kinsella Trust tackles knife crime through education and campaigning

We educate young people

We educate young people on the dangers of knife crime and help them to make positive choices to stay safe. Our workshops follow the journey of both the victim and the offender through a series of unique and immersive experiences to show young people how choices and consequences are intrinsically linked.

Our workshops change young people’s attitudes to knife crime; debunking the myth that carrying a knife will protect you. They strengthen peer values; ensuring young people give better advice to each other and challenge peers who are carrying (or thinking of carrying) a knife.

We work in collaboration

Preventing knife crime requires collective action. We work with young people, the government and stakeholders because we recognise we cannot do this alone. Our resources for practitioners and parents are designed to empower others to work with young people on a difficult and sensitive topic.

We campaign for action and justice

We campaign for action and justice for those affected by knife crime and our campaigns have won numerous awards in recognition of their success. We consistently campaign for change; challenging government, businesses and society to ensure everyone takes responsibility for tackling knife crime.

Our Impact


percent of secondary school pupils said that they would not carry a knife in the future


percent of pupils stated the exhibition made them think more about what choices they would make to stay safe


percent stated the exhibition has contributed to their leaning of the consequences of knife crime

Your donation will help us to educate young people about the dangers of knife crime and help us to achieve our vision: that no family or community should suffer the loss of a life to knife crime

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