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On this day in 2010, Brooke Kinsella’s book "Why Ben?" was published

Brooke's book is an extremely personal and powerful account of Ben’s senseless murder and a sister's and family’s grief.

It captures the awful legacy that knife crime leaves behind. It follows Brooke from the moment that she is notified that Ben has been stabbed right through to the court case and the conviction of Ben’s killers.

Why Ben also sets out the reasons why Brooke founded The Ben Kinsella Trust and her determination to do all she can to stop knife crime. Now, 12 years from Ben's murder, The Ben Kinsella Trust has educated over 16,000 young people in anti-knife crime and preventative workshops.

Brooke said: "Over 10 years ago today I was able to share our story. It was the hardest thing I have ever done but it is one of my proudest achievements. That there will forever be a record of how wonderful and special you were makes me so happy"

Your donation will help us to educate young people about the dangers of knife crime and help us to achieve our vision: that no family or community should suffer the loss of a life to knife crime

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