Why Knife Crime Awareness Week is Needed Now More Than Ever

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The Devastating Impact of Knife Crime: Why We Must Act Now

As we approach the 15th anniversary of Ben Kinsella's murder, it is with a heavy heart that we recognise how little progress has been made in tackling knife crime. Knife crime offences in England and Wales have risen by 50% in the 10 years from 2012 to 2022, and this trend is only increasing.

As the CEO of the Ben Kinsella Trust, I am acutely aware of the impact that knife crime has on our communities. Every day, we hear stories of young lives ended too soon, and families left devastated by the senseless violence that surrounds us. It is not just the physical harm that is inflicted, but the emotional trauma that lingers long after the incident has passed.

That is why the Ben Kinsella Trust is proud to launch Knife Crime Awareness Week. This week of advocacy is an opportunity for us to come together as a community and raise awareness of the devastating impact of knife crime. It is a chance for us to educate young people on the dangers of carrying knives and to provide them with the knowledge and resources they need to make positive choices.

We know that there is no single solution to the complex issue of knife crime. It requires a multi-faceted approach that includes education, enforcement, and community engagement. That is why we work closely with partners across the public and private sectors to develop and implement effective strategies to reduce knife crime.

But we cannot do this alone. It is only through the collective efforts of our entire community that we can make a real difference. We need parents, educators, law enforcement officials, and community leaders to join us in this fight.

Knife Crime Awareness Week is an opportunity for us to come together and show our support for a future free from violence.

Knife Crime Awareness Week 2023 takes place on May 15th - 21st 2023

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