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Our award-winning anti-knife crime workshops educate young people about knife crime and how to make positive choices to stay safe.

Choices and Consequences workshop

2 hours at our exhibition

This award-winning workshop teaches young people about knife crime; debunking the myth that carrying a knife will protect you.

The programme is subsidised by the charity and delivered from our unique and immersive exhibition, and shows young people how choices and consequences are intrinsically linked. Young people leave empowered, able to make informed positive choices and understand how to stay safe.

An introduction to knife crime

1 hour at your school or youth centre

A gentle introduction to topics surrounding knife crime.

This session can only be booked as an add-on to your Choices and Consequences workshop. We will visit your school or youth centre to deliver the session prior to your Choices and Consequences workshop.

Knife crime is a sensitive and difficult topic. This trauma-informed workshop, delivered by our trained staff and lasting 45 minutes or 1 hour, carefully navigates the themes covered and adequately prepares young people for a Choices and Consequences workshop.

This workshop is subject to availability and for London-accessible organisations only.

Youth Ambassadors Programme

A participation programme for young people aged 14-18 living, working or going to school in our home boroughs!

By joining our youth ambassadors, the young people of Islington or Barking & Dagenham can make a real difference to their local community.

We provide free training to help young people become leaders and role models; with sessions to learn media skills and public speaking skills so that young people's voices can be heard! Young people taking part are given a budget of £500 to run their own knife crime prevention campaign, become ambassadors for change, and play their part to help us to #StopKnifeCrime!

All workshops are subsidised by our fundraising, and some are even free!

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