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We feel incredibly proud (and humble) to have been shortlisted for the very prestigious London Impact Awards in the best innovators category.

We have always looked to do things differently. Our ambition has been to create new ways of learning for young people which are immersive and experiential. By doing so we have added real value to our sector and build important partnerships with others to stop knife crime.

Our exhibition in Islington is living proof of our commitment to innovation. Co-designed with young people it offers the visitor a rare experience to see the effects of knife crime through the victims and offenders point of view. By taking you through a series of rooms which show you the link between the choice you make and its consequences, we show you what the probable results will be for the action you have decided to take. The exhibition is the only one of its kind in the country and has been praised by schools and politicians for its impact on young people.

But innovation never stops. This spring we will produce what we believe to be the first virtual reality video to tackle knife crime. Created with Sopra Steria, the video will allow the viewer to direct their own story line by making a series of choices at key points. This immersive video will look at peer pressure, knife crime and how social media can influence you decision making.

Our lesson plans are free and we encourage their use, but we like to know a little about who is using them to help us make improvements

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