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No More Red: Our Youth Ambassadors Honoured at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium!

16th April 2024

Our Youth Ambassadors from Islington and Barking recently received their very own No More Red shirts for their incredible efforts in raising awareness about knife crime.

In collaboration with Adidas, the No More Red campaign has seen Arsenal replace their iconic red home shirt with a special edition, all-white kit for designated cup matches. This unique shirt isn't available for purchase; reserved only for those making a positive impact on their communities.

22 young people, between the ages of 14-18 years old have been participating in The Ben Kinsella Trust’s Youth Ambassador Programme. The programme aims to amplify young voices in knife crime prevention and encourages young people to take proactive measures to reduce serious violence in their communities.

Our Youth Programmes Officer, Rachel, stated, "I was incredibly proud to see our Youth Ambassadors receive their No More Red shirts from Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium. Arsenal in the Community made the day very special and took time to congratulate each Ambassador individually for their work, which had a great impact on them all. The Ambassadors have become experts in understanding the causes of knife crime and I look forward to seeing them use this knowledge to educate their peers and encourage open, honest conversations about knife crime within their schools. They have also shown strong leadership skills when planning their projects, which they will be able to take with them in their future studies and careers.”

The Youth Ambassadors toured the Emirates stadium and then had a ceremony on the pitch to collect their No More Red shirts which marked their fantastic, hard work over the past six months.

Mikayla, a member of the Youth Ambassadors told us “The programme has helped me gain independence and step out of my comfort zone- I'm quite a shy person so this programme was a welcome experience for me. What I most enjoyed most was being able to access multiple opportunities such as media training, first aid training, and interviews that were all fun and engaging.”

The event brought together our Youth Ambassadors groups from Barking & Dagenham, and Islington.

Our Barking & Dagenham Youth Ambassadors are currently busy planning a Knife Crime Prevention event specifically for the Barking & Dagenham community. This event aims to bring together local councillors, police officers, and school headteachers to hear the perspectives of young people living in the borough.

Fabio, another member of the Youth Ambassadors is looking forward to the event, “It will be nice to see what we've managed to accomplish as a group of young people with a common goal in mind, and to see how our event helps to eliminate knife crime.”

The Islington Youth Ambassadors group are working in collaboration with Islington council amplify their campaign to set up 'No Knives Shops'. This ongoing campaign asks retailers not to sell knives – to become a ‘No Knives Shop’ and help ensure that knives are not easily obtainable by people who have the wrong intentions.

Our Youth Ambassadors have not only gained an in-depth understanding of the root causes of knife crime but have also fostered strong leadership skills during their journey. We can't wait to see the positive impact they continue to make in their communities after working closely with them during the Youth Ambassadors Programme.

More details to follow on their Knife Crime Prevention event and campaign…

Ben Kinsella: A proud Arsenal fan!

Ben lived in Islington, North London and was a huge football fan. He supported his local team, Arsenal FC.

No more red aims to tackle the root causes of youth violence and offer safe spaces and opportunities for young people.

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